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Publicity And Marketing Magic For Writers: How To Build Your Writing Platform And Sell More Every Day

Length: 82 pages1 hour


Write, and publish, and promote your writing... You can change your life as a writer in an hour, when you discover the art of publicity and platform.

This book helps you to take charge of your writing and your life… 

In today's world writers have power. You can write something in a hour, and within minutes make that something available to millions of people.
There's never been a better time to be a writer. If you can craft words, the world is your oyster.

How to sell more of your writing…

To sell more of your writing, consider these three words: marketing, publicity, platform.

People need to know you, and know about your writing. The more people who know about you, the more people will buy what you create.

In this book we look at:

* What marketing and publicity mean for writers in today's ever-changing world;

* What gets attention, and why;

* How to decide what to write, and how to make what you write publicity-worthy;

* An on-going process to build your platform and win attention;

* Public relations and publicity for writers, bloggers, content creators, copywriters, and authors;

* Seven days to platform: create your personal platform to build a successful career in just seven days.

Let's get started.

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