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The Krelzyn Sagas: Krelzyn Priestess

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Amarantha then lectures me, “The prize in an ocean race is the Kings Cup. The cup contains some ancient information, about the war that set the first King on his throne. The Krelzyn must have the information. Only such as I can read the information. I must take the prize, the King’s Cup in my hands. Once the King’s Cup has been presented to me, I give it back to the organizers and then the name of Bjorno will be engraved on the cup and it will be displayed in a yacht club trophy case on the mainland. Unfortunately your name will not be engraved on the cup.”
I lecture back, “Deanna sewed the sails. Local shipwrights prepared the hull and the mast, I will have a team of young, Bjorno men to keep the boat ready. You got me Dovro and I have put in the practice necessary to win the King’s Cup. I will not be on the platform, when the organizers present you with the King’s Cup. We have arranged for a group of Bjorno ‘weather girls’ to attend you at the King’s Cup presentation. I will be attending to my boat. The fishermen of Bjorno say, ‘take care of your boat and it will take care of you.’ The people of Bjorno will know who sailed the boat.”
Amarantha says, “Joryn, you also run businesses, here on Bjorno.”
“After Jiara and I encountered a Zugaf on The Watchtower, I was able to sell the Zugaf’s ring for enough to buy a computer. With the computer, I was able to offer my mother’s Bjorno Poor Fisherman’s Sweaters on the InterWeb. Since they're the only authentic fisherman’s sweaters, they easily fetch the same price that the mainland tourist shops charge and the sales are brisk, since the sales are now world wide and not just for those who visit the coastal tourist shops. I wrote up a short history of the fisherman’s sweater, on my new computer. My mother and I then began to ship my little history, along with my mother's sweaters. My mother makes more than triple the amount she had received before, for each Poor Fisherman's Sweater. The tourist shops sued, but we of Bjorno traveled to Westport, a dozen strong. We had old salts and women in traditional island garb. The judge dismissed the claims of the tourist shops. We of Bjorno were so authentic and raggedy, that the tourist shops are lucky they didn't wind up in jail for their greed. I then also began to sell island cheese and moonshine whiskey to the mainlanders.”
Amarantha again lectures me, “You are also a Krelzyn warrior.”
I laugh, “I had an adventure, along with a Krelzyn Priestess, in a mountain, under the sea. That adventure earned me a Golman gold wheel coin and a 21 foot racing boat. I used the spoils to buy more businesses. As a result, the poor fishermen of Bjorno are no longer all that poor.”
Amarantha asks, “How can you keep up the quality of something like moonshine whiskey?”
“Bjorno is not all that big an island. If a Bjorno moonshiner tries to turn out an inferior product, the rest of the moonshiners won’t let him do that.”
We then eat.
My mother has set out the company plates and silverware. She has obtained prime yellowfin tuna steaks, scallops and shrimp.”
Amarantha asks, “The fish is delicious, and the sauce is heavenly. What is the sauce called?”
My mother laughs, “The fish sauce is made from a plant that only grows here on Bjorno, call it Bjorno Fish Sauce. There is not enough of it to sell, so you can only eat it, here on Bjorno.”
We talk for a bit and then I tell Amarantha, “I must excuse myself, I have training at first light tomorrow. It has been a pleasure to meet you, Amarantha.” I’m now off to bed to get my rest.
My mother tells Amarantha, “This race thing is insane. However, I now have a three month and rapidly growing backlog of orders for the Poor Fisherman’s Sweaters. If Joryn wins the race, we here on Bjorno will be rich, with the arrival of tourists.”
Amarantha says, “Folana, Joryn has the best sails, the best boat preparation and a lot of experience competing against the other boatmen of Bj

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