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Be Mine: New World Religion

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It is now in 2017, and God called for me, for help, in heaven. I went to heaven, and there were holy angels, in groups, to protest, to God the true one. When I arrived, I sat down on the left side of the throne of God the true one. Then came holy angels, with a new elegant carved wooden chair for me, and I sat in it. When the Holy Angels were going to attack God the True, I got up, called on the holy angels and asked what was going on. They swore to me that they would cast God to the true one, to put me on the throne, and make me holy as God and to be God. I objected to this, and said that I supported God, the true one. Then the angels said that God the truly had no wise sense. I told them to teach God the holy one, and how God the holy can then teach me, how to get money on earth. Then the light grew, and the holy God could no longer speak, in direct terms, with the holy angels, so the one angel told me to go down to earth, and come back as soon as possible. And I did. Then the Holy Angels called on me, and asked me to return to heaven. So I flew back to heaven. Then the Saints said that I had all the holy angels on my side and asked if I would become God holy in heaven. I responded that I would listen to God the Holy One, and the holy Angels should consult God the Holy if they wanted to send a message to me, because I said that I only listening to God the Holy when I was in heaven. Then I said that I wanted to be on earth, and help God the Holy One, rather than becoming God holy one, but I said that I would think the matter if I had to change my mind. Then the Angels said that I had found a solution to the problem of Heaven. That solution would be this virtual reality, which I said would be set up, when I could, in order to hide the souls that will be on hard disk, in paradise in virtual reality in Iceland. The holy souls, said they would be born as children on earth, and become a soul on the hard disk, in my Icelandic Paradise in computer virtual reality. The reason was that there was hunger in heaven, and the souls in there are so many that the kingdom of heaven is collapsing to death. But the holy souls told me in heaven that I had now found a solution that not God the Holy One had provided, and it would be to diminish all the souls of the heavens and bring them to a hard disk, in Icelandic virtual reality. That would be the solution, and when times came, I would let all the souls on hard disks, get their own robot, their own foam-plastic house, and work, to pay it all. Then the future would be that God would be holy in heaven, but all holy angels would live as souls in hard disks, forever in robots on earth. And should I take care of this practice, but the holy souls would teach me ways to finance it. That's where our meeting ended, but all day, I have been speaking to an Holy Angel, and he will be with me on earth, and tell me what to do and write.........Enjoy.

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