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None Shall Be Barren

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Infertility can be bring discouragement, heartache, and hopelessness in the life of even the most faithful Christian woman as well as her family. But there is good news! Spend time in this book, in the Word of God, and learn how to battle infertility with spiritual weapons. Be encouraged by testimonies from the countless women who have received breakthrough in many ways because of God’s special grace for fruitfulness upon the author, Prophetess Nonnie Roberson.

A Testimony: “NONE SHALL BE BARREN is not just a book; it is an AMMUNITION against any and every yoke of barrenness/Infertility. The Lord told me that the same UNUSUAL GRACE for fruitfulness that rests on my life, rests on this book by contact. He assured me that jaw-dropping testimonies will abound. I was married for 12 years with no child but on one faithful service, Prophetess Nonnie called me out and prayed for me and the next month, I was sick and when I went to the hospital, I was told that I was pregnant. I laughed at them and asked ‘if it is that easy?’ because I have had series of tests that failed. To God be the glory, I am holding my child today.” - Mrs. A. J.

A Word from the Author: Over the years, there has been strong evidence attesting to the UNUSUAL GRACE I carry for FRUITFULNESS; an unusual anointing that crushes the yoke of BARRENNESS. It is a grace that I can't explain even to myself. People run to the altar when I make an altar call for the “Fruit of the Womb” to receive their blessing while others literally run out of the building as they have seen the miraculous results that have happened to those who come to the altar on behalf of their loved ones. Several women, including menopause grandmothers, have taken in just by coming out to stand in the gap for their loved ones believing God for the fruit of the womb.

In the first “FRUIT OF THE WOMB” program God led me to hold for women desiring the fruit of the womb, we recorded a 100% FRUITFULNESS within 3 months! Every woman who attended that program took in including those who came to stand in for their friends or relatives. From young women who were newly-weds, to the aged women of over 57 years of age.

By the special grace of God, and with all humility, I have seen multitudes of women with critical and hopeless cases receive amazing miracles in this area after a brief spiritual encounter. The testimonies of God’s goodness to the women I have ministered to in the area of child-bearing are mind-blowing. Hence, anointing for breaking the yokes of bareness have become my trade-mark. This is my deal with Jehovah, the God of possibilities. This book carries a unique message to the family, especially the family that is praying, seeking and knocking for the gift of children. It carries the message of hope to the hopeless, succor to the hurting, and fulfillment of expectations for the hurting spouses. It is a message of the reaffirmation that it is God’s intention to give you that desired children, and the time of your visitation has come. It does not matter how long the devil has fought against your childbearing, the Lord has sent me with a special message to you conveyed through the pages of this book. The message is that “now is your time of visitation!” 

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