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Kee to Bray's Heart

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When Jakeeta Lewis left her small town with the man she foolishly fell in love with, she burned her bridges. The worst part of her decision was leaving her best friend Bray Toliver. In the heat of their argument, he had said don’t come crying to him when she regretted her choice.

Jakeeta had been hearing all her life that she was just like her no good mother, so five years later with a four-year old daughter and pregnant, it wasn’t easy to return home. Broke, alone, and desperate, she’s not sure if Bray can forgive her.

Bray’s now the sheriff, and he’s filled out nice in the last five years. Jakeeta starts to wonder if the attraction she’s feeling toward her best friend was something she denied in the past. More confusing is how Bray treats her. She’s got to stay focused and resolved if she wants to get on her feet. An affair with Bray would only complicate matters. Especially since she’s trying to hide that she’s pregnant and change the image of herself she left behind.

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