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Murder Mysteries # 8

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Murder at the Peanut Plantation baffles the investigators because the victim, at a holiday party, suddenly collapses in the middle of the room with guests listening to him speak. Clearly one of the guests killed the victim, but 'who' will give Marshall Stacy Foreham and her team serious deductive work. Next, on a long bridge in Newport, Oregon a water delivery vehicle is sitting abandoned in the middle. It appears that a suicide is evident. However, upon investigation it was murder. Stacy and team have another difficult crime to solve with leads becoming most unusual and revealing the secrets of some prominent citizens of the town. In Murder in the Peach Grove, the peach grove manager is disliked by all including the owner, but especially the hired pickers. He's found hanging upside down with his innards hanging to the ground. Suspects include: Ex convicts, high school students and other characters. This story will keep you guessing to the end regarding who killed the victim.

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