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The Law of Manifestation: How the Hidden Becomes Visible

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We live in a world hungry for the reality of God in its daily affairs. But the reality of all that God has and is through the centuries is largely invisible and intangible. The power and glory of God have remained an invisible force hidden from the sight and touch of mortal man. God, in His desire to make His invisible glory visibly known to man has offered the solution in the form of His anointing. 
Christianity in its most memorable occasions has had to rely on the anointing of the Holy Spirit to manifest the invisible and hidden reality of God in this world. The essence of this book is to teach how the anointing operates by a specific universal law and how the ordinary believer can cooperate with it to visibly reveal to man God’s intangible and invisible glory. This is the law of manifestation.

This book is a must-read.

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