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A Squalor of Chickens

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Once a warrior of the Seelie Court, Rose now exists as a changeling in a twisted human body devoid of magic. Only on midwinter day can she taste magic again, in the form of a single spell, one that allows her to reconnect the ice-cold Earth with the sun’s life-giving warmth. Her one power is the single most important one--ushering in Spring.

When offered the chance at a life, or betrayal, will she abandon her duty?

Author of the century-spanning Cartographer Series, Karen L. Abrahamson writes fantasy, romance and mystery. Her short fiction was short listed for the Canadian Crime Writer’s 2016 Best Short Story. Her latest novella, Death by Effigy, published by Guardbridge Books, was released in April 2017. She lives in British Columbia, Canada with bears, bald eagles and the ocean for neighbours.

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