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The Problem With Wizards

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Roland is a general in the armies of King George with a stunning record of successes. In fact he has only been defeated once and that was the one and only time he ever faced a wizard on the field.

Now on the open plains to the west of Emeraldome, the kingdom's capital city, he finds himself facing the armies of Ferdinand, like he's done a million times before, only this time they've got a wizard at their backs.

And of course they are demanding a ransom. They'll settle for nothing less than General Roland's head. Roland has a choice. He can just hand himself over or face the almost certain extermination of his army.

But Roland is no ordinary general and he's learned a lot since that first fateful encounter with a wizard. This time he has a plan. Of course to carry it out he'll need the aid of his trusted second in command, Captain John. That and the handy sword arm that Roland is already famous for.

A medieval tale of high fantasy, swords and magic, true to RPG traditions.

Print length: 168 pages.

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