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Making the Break: Beating the Biker Series, #2

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From USA TODAY Bestselling author, Lexy Timms, comes a spin off from the Hades’ Spawn MC series – Beating the Biker. It's a complete stand alone series, but fans of Hades' Spawn can continue the story too!

What happens when you find out the person you can’t keep your hands off of is the person you never should have?

Saks, Anthony Parks, Road Captain of the Hades Spawn and the grandnephew of a notorious crime boss, finds himself in an impossible position. He met the girl of his dreams, a self-sufficient spitfire, who rocks his world. But his wise guy uncle Vits wants him to marry the granddaughter of a rival crime boss to heal the rivalries between the two families. Saks does everything he can to delay the inevitable meeting, spending as much with his lover as possible. And then he’s hit with a bombshell. Chrissy is the woman his family wants him to marry.

Chrissy Maria Serafini doesn’t want anything to do with her wise guy grandfather’s crazy plan to marry her off to the member of a rival crime family. She has a good career and earns her own money. She doesn’t want to marry to make the family happy and certainly not to a goombah involved in the family business. And meeting a drop dead sexy biker makes her more determined to keep her life free and clear of entanglements. But when Chrissy finds out the Saks, her biker, is the man her family wants her to marry she is forced to realize that Saks was not the kind of man she wanted to settled down with.

Can Chrissy and Saks find a way to navigate the treacherous world of their families? And can they see past their families’ legacies to find a path to each other?

Beating the Biker: Making the Break is Book Two of a three-part series. It features scorching hot situations intended for mature readers.

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