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Vanguard of Man

206 pages2 hours


Would You Sacrifice Your Humanity?

Dying of the Metaflu, Eric did. He volunteered for the Vanguard program. The Program changed him, and made him stronger, faster, smarter, and nearly indestructible. He became Enki of the Vanguard.

A desperate Humanity created the Vanguard to be the immortal crews of Ark ships fleeing a dying Earth, hoping to seed Mankind among the stars. Sexless, independent, and intelligent beyond measure, Enki's bonds with humanity grow weaker over the centuries.

Can he complete his mission, and seed the final colony, before he loses the last of his humanity?

Read Vanguard of Man and find out.

I enjoyed the story and characters, the original way the author brought everything together.- Sheryl Painter
If you're an avid sci-fi reader, I highly recommend this book!- Chad Grills
Well written and thought provoking- Norma D.

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