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The Meeting: Star City Shorts

67 pages45 minutes


Ngizzida, a Ba'ren biologist, is eager to help the humans cure osteosarcoma, but first she needs her star student, Sahanish, to accompany her to Earth. Many juvenile biologists are eager to meet humans and discover new life forms, however, and Ngizzida must convince a clique of Ba'ren leaders that Sahanish is the right choice.

When she begins to question the actions taken by her government, especially by Wathanda, their Ambassador to the United States, she worries that the inexperienced juvenile the diplomats are sending to America is a perilous choice.

[Teen & Young Adult, Science Fiction, Alien First Contact, Action & Adventure]

INCLUDED: Special Sneak Preview of "Star City" (Book 1) - First 2 Chapters

EVOLVED PUBLISHING PRESENTS the third short story prequel in "Star City". This young adult science fiction series features first contact intrigue, action, romance, and adventure sure to keep you glued to the page. [DRM-Free]

Short Story 1: The Announcement Short Story 2: The Test Short Story 3: The Meeting Book 1: Star City Book 2: Friendship Village (Coming Late 2019)

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