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Being Mushy With It? - Ode To Congeniality (Homeowner's Guide - RBSYTAS)

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"Being Mushy With It? ... ..." is a brief, but, in depth conversational guide-critique against our private home heads making decisions about residential contractors from positions of weakness rather than strength. Yet, it is unfortunate that there are so many well-meaning residents who make hiring choices without first establishing for themselves a reasonable basis for so doing.

In other words, with respect to the nature of each home project being a "business operation," we often approach this as a "casual affair." That is just to say that, at a time when it is in our best interest to have a clearly thought out and quantifiable means for ascertaining the credibility, professionalism, expediency, and reputations of contractors, we, out of the carelessness of our kind hearts, measure these primarily based on how we "feel" about them.

However, the history and present-day reality of successful "hits" by dishonest contractors against our residents are normally the due ramifications for authorizing their assistance based on the "feelings" we have/had about these contractors rather than the documented "facts."

"Being Mushy With It? ... ..." identifies several ways, unbeknownst to you, by which dishonest contractors will also trick you into making deals with them which are likewise emotionally rather than reasonably founded. However, we go farther to demonstrate how you can conscientiously avoid that sort of emotional pitfall through exercising just a few learn-able and immediately applicable strategies. But, these are no good if you do not use them. Better Decisions, Better Results. Knock it out!

RBSYTAS = R.B.'s You Tube Audio Series

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