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Online Arbitrage: Seek Products, Buy Them, and Sell Them on Amazon! 8 Secrets You Never Knew for Buying Products Online

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Do YOU have $100+ that you want to spend on a book that teaches you how to buy products online and sell them for a profit on Amazon? Neither did I. The popular Arbitrage textbooks walk you from beginner to advanced seller, but if you’re just starting out, that may be more information than you need right now. It’s easier to focus on these secrets you never knew, and give yourself a leg up on Amazon reselling for profit. While the textbook for Online Arbitrage is full of information, a lot of it is information that you can find online, on YouTube and other sources. You can also work within Facebook groups dedicated to the topic. There are lots of tips and tricks for experienced sellers, but what if you want the SECRET steps from beginner to successful entrepreneur?
In this book, I cover:

* Successful reselling in the current economy
* How to buy and sell with little money invested!
* Specific product areas that are the most profitable
* Products that require Amazon approval to resell there
* How to market your products on Amazon and use their tips and tricks to your advantage

Let’s get started! You don’t need special skills to resell on Amazon for profit – just a readiness to learn and a can-do attitude that will help you outsell others who don’t have the same education I’m giving you.

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