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Cooking For Families With Allergies

Cooking For Families With Allergies

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Cooking For Families With Allergies

84 pages
30 minutes
Oct 20, 2017


Recipes Free From Gluten, Dairy and Cane Sugar
Genre: Nonfiction (Cooking)
When choosing or needing to have a diet free from gluten, dairy and cane sugar, main meals tend to be easy to make. Biscuits, cakes and desserts can be another matter. Missing chocolate? Wanting strawberry ice cream? Enjoy ginger cake? Well you can find these recipes and many others in Cooking For Families With Allergies along with a handful of savoury recipes too.
This book was written by Australian authors using Australian spelling.
* * * * * * * * *
Avril and Storm plan to add more recipes to this book in the future. No recipes currently in the book will be altered. Both know how annoying it can be when a recipe, you've grown to love, is changed. Any variations on the current recipes will be listed as variations.
The date for the latest version will be listed on Avril's website and in the blurb on retailer websites so you will know if your copy needs updating. Retailers generally do not charge for updates so all future recipes are included in the initial price of your ebook.
***Latest Version: June 2021***

Oct 20, 2017

About the author

Avril Sabine is an Australian author who lives on acreage in South East Queensland. She writes mostly young adult and children’s speculative fiction, but has been known to dabble in other genres. She has been writing since she was a young child and wanted to be an author the moment she realised someone wrote the books she loved to read.Visit Avril's website to learn more about her and her many books. www.avrilsabine.com

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Book Preview

Cooking For Families With Allergies - Avril Sabine


C: Celsius

tab: tablespoon

tsp: teaspoon

g: grams

ml: millilitres

cm: centimetres

bi-carb: bi-carbonate of soda

GF: gluten free

DF: dairy free

SF: cane sugar free

Biscuits are an Australian name for cookies.

Patty cakes are an Australian name for cupcakes.


This recipe book isn’t designed to replace medical advice. The recipes were developed to create foods for those unable to have gluten, dairy products and cane sugar. Not all allergies are identical and as such you should seek medical advice about the suitability of the ingredients in each recipe to learn if they can be consumed by those wishing to eat them.



When using the juice and peel from fruit, you often need to juice more fruit than you need peel. Keep the excess peel. Dice and freeze it for those times when you use bottled juice rather than fresh citrus juice.

Apple Crumble Slice


4 eggs

100ml rice bran oil

130ml maple syrup

50ml Agave syrup

40ml water

1 tsp bi-carb

405g rice flour

180g arrowroot or

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