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Dawn Falcon

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Six fantastic fantasy short stories, including paranormal, urban fantasy, epic adventure, magic realism, time travel, weird fiction and dark fantasy.
Dawn Falcon
When Keia finds a child's skull in a well, she little suspects how it came to be there or who is responsible.
A sentient city cares for its lowliest inhabitant, but she may need more help than it can give.
Professor Michum's Daughter
Professor Michum's obsession with wasps turns sour when his daughter gets stung by an alien species.
Max's genetically engineered dinosaur pet has extraordinary powers.
Mamgu's Gift
Meinir's all washed up until Mamgu dies and leaves an unusual, magical legacy.
We Have the Stars

On a foggy night in an alternate Victorian London, Eleanor, a world-famous inventor, fulfills a decades-old pact. Three friends meet, and the revelation that follows shatters Eleanor's perspective on humanity and herself.

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