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Indoor Gardening: 12 Creative Gardening Tips on Garden Design. Discover the Ultimate Small Garden Ideas for Creating the Garden of Your Dreams

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This book is designed for the beginner plant owner yet offers vital information and reminders for even the most experienced home horticulturist. This book aims to cover all the basics and give suggestions and tips to helping your plants not only survive their new home but to flourish and prosper under your tender touch.
Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

Location - This chapter aims to help in the placement of your plant in the perfect position in your home by helping you identify the potential hazards and benefits of each area in your home from temperature to traffic. This is the first step in your plants journey to success.

Earth - The plant's growth medium is essential to sustain a plant's life. This chapter goes over the basics of soils, their composition and the additives that will help make your life easier and your plant's life fuller.

Water - While it is known that water is essential to a plant's growth, did you know that too much of a good thing can kill your plant? This chapter explains different aspects of how water affects your plant from the water in the soil to the water in the air around it.

To Feed or Not to Feed - Many times fertilizer used "just because." While this helps plants that would otherwise be lacking, it can kill plants that have their needs currently met. This chapter shows what ingredients are in standard fertilizers, some signs of malnutrition in your plant and how to counter these effects

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