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Before Jude’s death, he placed a bounty on Racy, Cynthia and Holmes. He wanted to be certain that he could reach out beyond the grave to have his revenge should he fail in his attempt to turn them, to have them become part of his vampire world. The bounty was left in the hands of The Elders, three of the oldest Vampires that ruled the Kindred.

Vampires from the world over were lured to the city to claim their heads and retrieve the bounty. The war is on as Racy, and the others fight for their very lives with the help of an Iscariot, Vincent.

It becomes a quest for the trio to take the bounty away from The Elders before they lose their own heads. Jude, had left a flask of his blood with the bounty which is ingested by Marcela, a queen vamp of New Orleans, giving Jude a second life – in sprit – through her with this tainted blood.

The tangled web of events leads to a hidden Black Site in the Louisiana swamps. When Special Forces from the FBI are brought into engage the Kindred, all hell breaks loose.

Racy becomes romantically involved with Dr. Lang, who with information gleamed from Dr. Brown, a pathologist, who has found a cure, of sorts, for vampirism, but it’s outcome is not always pleasant.

Jude’s burning out home becomes the final scene where the battle comes to its grim end...

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