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Tempting The Priest

21 pages15 minutes


This sacrilegious erotic short is hot, visceral and taboo—just like the sex between Abigail and her Priest.

When Abigail meets Father Luke in a sacred church, he takes her breath away. Abigail’s dirty mind goes wild. She begins to flirt with him, and soon she’s enjoying his stolen glances at her curvy figure. Father Luke tries his best to resist Abigail’s charm, but one day in church she positions herself right in front of the altar and, opening her legs, she gives him a view he can’t resist.

When Abigail asks Father Luke to hear her Confession, he leads her into a dark office. At first, the only fingers sliding into Abigail’s wet, warm depths are her own. Father Luke, watching, aches in desire.

Soon, Abigail will allow Father Luke to slide more than his fingers inside her as they commit sins that may never be absolved...

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