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Make Money Online Without Spending Any Money

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In my book, The Dream is Gone: Economic Survival in 21st Century America, I wrote about the need to expand your sources of income, so you are not dependent upon any single source. I gave a few examples of this in chapter 8, with an emphasis on making money online. In this book, I have gone into more detail about making money online, but only those opportunities that will cost you nothing but your time. The reason for this is that there are simply too many ways to lose money when attempting to make money on the Internet. You need to walk before you run.

The Internet is filled with ads pitching some product that will allow you to make money at home from your computer. Some of these advertisements will go so far as to claim you can get rich, or at least make an outrageous sum of monthly or yearly income. Some of this money can supposedly be made in a matter of days. How much of this is legitimate? Not much, and at the very least, the claims are exaggerated. Can you make money on the Internet? Yes, but unfortunately, it is not usually a path to riches. But you can make money, and this money can be important to survive in today's world.

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