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Called to Serve: Lessons from the Levites

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This book retells the Biblical account of how the Levites came to serve as the priesthood of Israel under the Old Covenant, what their role was at various critical points in Israel's history, and provides lots of lessons for Christians today, who want to serve God in the New Covenant and New Testament equivalent of the House of God.CHAPTER ONE: DIVINE GRACE IN THEIR CALLINGCHAPTER TWO: WILDERNESS AND SERVICECHAPTER THREE: JUDGEMENT AND MERCYCHAPTER FOUR: LEVITES IN THE LANDCHAPTER FIVE: AN OUTSTANDING LEVITE: SAMUELCHAPTER SIX: BRINGING UP THE ARKCHAPTER SEVEN: REVIVAL OF LEVITICAL SERVICECHAPTER EIGHT: TEMPLE SERVICECHAPTER NINE: PSALMS OF THE SONS OF KORAHCHAPTER TEN: IN THE DAYS OF HEZEKIAH AND JOSIAHCHAPTER ELEVEN: PSALMS OF ASAPHCHAPTER TWELVE: IN REMNANT TIMES

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