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Sowing The Seeds Of Love Eternal Flames Maddox 5

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This is book 9 of the Eternal Flames series, you should read Eternal Flames 1-9 and book 1-4 of Eternal Flames Maddox before this book.
Pascal is a Santorini Fox that has always been the strong one and caretaker of his family, but he has always had a dream of someone caring for him for a change. He loves his job working for Pixie Regent Dain, but has secretly always wanted to work with plants, and hopes to one day make his dream come true.
Zen is an African Elephant shifter who lost everything when his father passed. Because of the life he lived he wants his true mate, but will not claim his mate until love comes first. But Zen also has a secret passion for things that grow.
When one day he meets his mate, he knows he has truly met the other half of his soul, but someone from his past is looking for him and wants to cause him harm.
Surprises are around every corner for these two, including someone trying to kidnap his mate, a doppelganger of a close friend, a brother he never knew existed, and a plan to stop a blood brothel from coming to Maddox.
With all these forces working against them, will Pascal and Zen ever find their happily ever after?

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