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Diamonds From Tequila (Dagmar Shaw Thrillers 4)

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“Walter Jon Williams is a visionary of tremendous power and originality . . . He kills every damn time.”
--Junot Díaz, Pulitzer Prize-winning author

Sean Makin was a washed-up child actor, until Dagmar Shaw made him a star. Now he's starring in a big-budget action thriller that offers him the chance to become a box-office titan.

Except the action and the thrills aren't just in the movie. Dangerous and destabilizing new technology is floating around behind the scenes. Police and cartel lords lurk in the shadows. An assassin is on the loose, and has already claimed his first victim.

Sean could be next in the killer's sights, unless he can find out what the bad guys want, who's hiding it, and how many people he's going to have to betray in order to save his life--- and more importantly, his celebrity!

“This story is a must read. One of my favorites in the whole anthology so far. The main character is funny, even though he’s not trying to be. And essentially what we’ve got is a self-absorbed Hollywood dude, a bunch of cliches, all trying to shoot a shitty B-flick in corrupt Mexico, and there ends up being a murder mystery wrapped up in the whole thing. A murder mystery!

“Read this one, guys. I don’t even want to say much more about it. Nothing super amazing, or twisty, or revolutionary, just pure entertainment.” --David V Fugit, Fugit Reads

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