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I am Cara

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Motorcycling Cara has a blood-debt to collect from Mirabelle and her murderous female gang.
The man is a traveller, one of the last of his sex, who gets involved in their private war, as does Madeleine, an elderly lady with a very enquiring mind, and the enigmatic Icela Claverne, who wants to find Janice Regan’s mysterious ‘Project 24’.
These are the players: this is their stage.
A century ago, men stopped wanting women. It wasn’t their fault. A middle-eastern war irradiated the atmosphere and something happened to the male gene: so, no more boy-children; soon, no children at all.
In a world plagued by random radioactive storms and daily ‘hot rain’ diminishing huddles of women live on; in cults or religious sects, in insular communities, or simply in hope. Wolves roam the streets in daylight now, bears rule the forests and disease ravages the towns. Unless an answer can be found very soon, the human race will be finally run.
Of all the candidates to discover a solution, the comfortably furnished Madeleine is perhaps the least likely: yet she and her redoubtable henchwoman Lorna are getting close.
But Cara has plans.......
‘I am Cara’ is adult fiction with some violence and erotic content. It is unsuitable for readers under the age of eighteen.

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