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SUPERSTAR, is the story of Mystique, an African-American super model whose star qualities are based not so much on her beauty than the fact that she represents the unusual and exotic. Her persona captivates the public with its aura of exotic elegance, making her a huge international sensation and a superstar. Mystique is on the top of her game; she is the superstar supermodel in demand for endorsements and movie roles; she has her own label, line of jewelry and perfumes. Her face and name had become iconic.But to stay on top of her game, she has to survive.Her star power and celebrity status bring her into contact with scheming managers, sex hungry account executives, manipulative agency operators, and ruthless bosses who interact with her as business associates, advisers, managers, friends, admirers, and lovers. Some have good intentions. Others have dubious motives, yet all of them are necessary components of the money making machine in she has become in the highly competitive world of fashion modeling with Mystique as the central figure. The underlying themes explored in this novel include people and change, virtue and vice, avarice and greed, crime and punishment, all in the context of the pursuit of the American Dream with the ‘immigrant experience’ as a backdrop.
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ISBN: 9781453525890
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