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Love’s True Home
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Sri Gawn Tu Fahr is a self-described supersonic love tonic, aphilosophical word comic raining down from the sky. Thousandsof Facebook and Twitter followers lovingly refer to him as Rumion a rocket, Eckhart Tolle out of control, Dr. Seuss on the loose,Einstein tanked on wine and Ghandi with the wind. Don't expectlong drawn out explanations or dry intellectual ramblings. Sri Gawn’sunique blend of irreverent humor, timeless wisdom, insightful proseand eloquent poetry speaks directly to every heart, Love's True Home.Prepare to be liberated from the shackles of the incessant mechanicalmind as you embark on a magical journey fi lled with joy, adventureand spiritual freedom. Keep Love’s True Home by your side, and reachfor it anytime you experience a bout of spiritual heartburn.
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