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Killing Crowne

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Mitch Crowne is a ghost. He has been off the radar since 2001 when he killed an American ambassador and a Russian politician in Moscow. This happened shortly after he assassinated the vice president of America. Jeremy Clegane is a former British soldier of special forces who had been deployed for several years to Africa. He was one of the best and was specialized in one to one combat. In 2001, a retired Clegane is recruited by MI6. His first mission is to partner up with Mitch Crowne, at the time one of FBI's most wanted. Several years later, when he lives a quiet life, he and his girlfriend find themselves on some sort of hit list. And it all connects back to that first mission in Moscow with one Mitch Crowne. Killing Crowne starts where A Dangerous Man ended and where The Drifter begins.

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