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Nightbound: Seducing the Vampire Slayer

186 pages2 hours


Two houses at war…

When an ancient scroll is discovered and the interpretations made public, vampire slayer Phoenix Lancaster refuses to accept she's the Alpha, her kind's hope for survival. Or that her family's hated enemy, Zane O'Day, is the Omega, a vampire destined to love her and with her death, rule over all vampires. Phoenix will never give herself to the man whose father murdered her mother. And Zane is a coward hiding behind a mask.

In secret we meet…

Sam. He's the captain of the guards sent to "fetch" her by Zane's orders. As she and Sam struggle to survive in the deadly Forest of Sorrow, Phoenix soon realizes she's in danger of falling for the sexy and charming vampire protecting her every step of the way.

If we should meet again, how should I greet you, as friend or foe?

Sam—the name Zane gave the Slayer as she was being chased by pissed-off werewolves the first time they met. Contrary to the scroll's prophecy, Zane isn't after Phoenix's heart or her life. The Slayer deserves an honorable and faithful man. Not to mention a truthful man. That man isn't Zane. His father was a cheating bastard, and Zane believes he's cut from the same cloth. Yet Phoenix's courage, compassion and her knack for saving lives compel Zane to rethink his intentions.

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