Wisdom for Creating Happiness and Peace, vol. 2

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Wisdom for Creating Happiness and Peace, vol. 2

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Gleaned from more than fifty years of SGI President Ikeda's works, TheWisdom for Creating Happiness and Peace provides a window into theSGI president's thought and philosophy. His words are a boundlesssource of inspiration. They embody a universal message of hope andcourage for a world increasingly beset with sorrow and suffering.Chapters in this volume:What Is Human Revolution?It Is the Heart That Is ImportantBuddhism Is About WinningTransforming Karma Into MissionIllness Gives Rise to the Resolve to Attain the WayThe Principle of Cherry, Plum, Peach, and DamsonYou Will Grow Younger, and Your Good Fortune Will AccumulateFaith for Overcoming ObstaclesFaith for a Harmonious FamilyMaking the Most of Each DayMessage for Youth
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