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Covenant Right Series (Books 1 - 4)

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Covenant Right Series (Books 1 - 4) is a collection of four books about God's will for you:
1. Divine Immunity
2. Divine Remembrance Your Divine Decoration
3. Unlocking God’s Divine Favor
4. Divine Separations (7 Abrahamic Covenant Promises)
You are Untouchable because you have the hedge of fire around you.You are “Uncurseable” because you are a partaker of divine nature.You are a Covenant Child so you have Divine Access.This collection is your divine covenant rights that God ordained for your success. Divine favor may not come by merit but by mercy of God, for mercy will always triumph over judgment. Divine favor certifies the non certified, qualifies the unqualified, elevates the down trodden, celebrates the decorated and multiplies the widow’s offerings. Get a copy today and get as gifts for your friends too.

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