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The Submerged

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It is the year 2047 and the world’s cities are being flooded, due to the rapidly rising sea levels. Phillip Hoffman Jr., a resident of London, has just lost his job and has been forced to move to a downstairs apartment where he can still afford to pay the rent. Realizing that he hasn’t been paying much attention to himself, lately—much less the world around him—he decides to change his routine and find out more about his own surroundings.

This is when he meets Clara, a long-time neighbor of his that he’d never taken the time to get to know—much like everyone else in his neighborhood. He asks her out on a date, she accepts, and things are beginning to look up for him. That is—until his day starts to go horribly wrong...

While facing a series of unforeseen obstacles, complications, and other difficulties, Phillip and Clara end up discovering something catastrophic that had actually always been right up under their noses—they had just never realized the magnitude of the situation until the very last moment...

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