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Irma: A Story of Devastation, Courage, and Recovery

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As Hurricane Irma approached the United States and the great state of Florida after tearing through the Carribbean, residents did their best to prepare for the worst. What followed was a devastating storm beyond comprehension, with winds over 185 mph forging a path of destruction throughout the region. It caused a record-setting number of residents to evacuate, left 6.5 million people without power throughout the state, and left 10,000 homeless in the heavily damaged Florida Keys. Lives were lost and countless others were changed forever, with recovery and rebuilding efforts just beginning and sure to last years into the future. Amidst catastrophe, Irma also inspired acts of courage and hope from the many who found the will to triumph against incalculable odds. Seeking shelter and the basic necessities of life, those in Irma's path fought on to simply survive the harshest of conditions and help others do the same. This perseverance in the face of ruin is captured in Irma: A Story of Devastation, Courage, and Recovery, which features gripping stories and dozens of vivid full-color images, illustrating the power of the storm and the strength of the many who endured and shined during this tragedy. This book also includes coverage of the devastating storms that ravaged the island of Puerto Rico. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each book will be donated to charities that support the communities affected by Hurricane Irma.

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