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American Frontier Short Stories, 1800's Vol. l

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This volume contains seventeen adventure filled short stories about pioneers traveling across the American West in the nineteenth-century and the danger and issues they confronted and overcame. The tales are as varied as the pioneer’s experiences. These women and men were hearty with the confidence and self-reliance to overcome natural and man-made adversities. Available farmland on the frontier was a motivating factor for some. First the Erie Canal, then steamboat traffic on America’s big rivers, allowed for ever-increasing transportation opportunities. This, in turn, created more demand to produce. Still other settlers saw new opportunities to prosper for themselves and their families and a hopeful means of improving their lives. In the face of all this, Native Americans struggled against the advancing onslaught of migrating settlers; several of the tales describe their plight. The American west is a vast canvas for storytelling and allows the incorporation of historical events to convey the times. It is also the opportunity to tell individual tales of the people who provide the American nineteenth-century heritage. Included in Vol. l are the following: The Legend of Edmund Jennings and Six Bulls Country; Abraham; Runaway Slave; Stain; Beanblossom Creek; Three Bells; Flatboats; Moving Stars; They Cometh Forth; Teakettle; Danny Boy; Attila the Great; Navy Colt (revolver); Pirates; The Scout; and Western Genre.

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