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Helen James & Saving Father Christmas

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Helen James no longer believed in the existence of Father Christmas but she had kept him alive for her 4 year old nephew Kenneth. Today they were going to the Bulverhythe shopping centre to visit 'Father Christmas'. Kenneth asked that Helen take him in to see Father Christmas whilst his mother and Nan went shopping. As they walked through the tunnel towards the grotto Kenneth broke away from Helens grip and ran ahead. At the same time Hyming, the Visitant, wrapped himself around Helen and took her out of the tunnel and the shopping centre. Within seconds Helen and Hyming had left the Milky Way and were heading off across the universe towards the Prsnt galaxy but they couldn't enter the Galaxy without the authority of the Helvs who guarded the Galaxy and Father Christmas. Once Helen had been allowed to enter the Galaxy Hyming took her to see Father Christmas on the planet Lapand. Father Christmas was now very old and could no longer visit all the planets, such as Earth and Chrilren. It was Helens job to help get Father Christmas and get him visiting and handing out the presents again before all the children across the universe were disappointed. It was now that Helen discovered that much of the folklore she had read about Father Christmas and his helpers was fact not fiction but fact. If Helen couldn't fix this problem what would she tell Kenneth when she returns to Earth?

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