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Helen James & Frozen in Time

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This was Helen James first day at the Church-in-the-Woods Academy. The last thing she wanted was to be needed by the Visitants to solve some problem that they had discovered in the universe so when Hyming wrapped himself around her she objected to going. He said it was important so she agreed provided he did something for her, put 2 boys, who were bullying her, up on the school roof. As they neared their destination, on the far side of the universe, Helen was confused as there was no sign of a galaxy, star system or planet. The Visitants home cloud was tracking what looked like a lump of ice. In fact it was a space ship but something was wrong and they needed Helen to find out what had happened. Because, once the visitants had left a thin film of themselves around Helen she was able to live in what ever environment she was taken to and could communicate with the beings she was here to help. This made it easier for Helen as she was able to understand the controls off the space ship. With the help of the Visitants children Helen was able to discover what had happened and could turn the ship around and send it back home. What surprised Helen was that the space ship had originated from a planet within the Milky Way.

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