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A Tricky Tale, Ashes to Roses

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A Tricky Tale, Ashes to Roses is an interactive story, told in the future circa 2050s and recorded by Cal.  Cal is given a device as a gift from his family, which turns his words into text and then is printed for family and close friends.  In his recording sessions, he recalls the summer of 1982 and his closeness with his sister Argy.  Together, they discover a different sounding style of Rock n Roll, a type of music that wasn’t allowed in their home.  Secretly at first, they devour this new music artistically, finding challenge, understanding and meaning in their teenage lives.  Cal associates each of his recording session experiences with a specific song of this new music from his past. Cal does not share the band name or songs outright with the reader. If the reader chooses to participate in the interactive piece, hints and clues are given throughout the story.  By the fourth session, the reader will most likely find the key to correctly identifying each song for each session. This is Cal’s musical, and the first in a series.

PS, this author is one of a few with the same name, and this Sean Allen only writes the “A Tricky Tale” series.  flitca

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