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Why Chronic Lyme Doesn't (And Does) Exist

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Afraid you have Lyme disease?
Does your doctor not believe you?
Are you looking for answers but confused about why different doctors say such different things? What do you know about the Lyme Wars? Did you know there was a medical war that forces doctors to take sides? Are you sure that one side is right and the other side is crazy? Would it shock you to realize that both sides are right? In this short, readable book, Dr. Maloney lays out both sides of the Lyme Wars. He has friends on both sides of the medical battle and is tired of both sides giving only part of the whole picture to patients. If you are newly diagnosed with Lyme, or if you’ve been diagnosed in the past, you deserve the whole truth. And it isn’t just one-sided. Compiling what we truly know about Lyme, rather than what one side claims and the other disputes, fills only a short book. But interested readers can follow up with more than a hundred citations to medical journal articles, as well as the thousand or more online articles. Or they can just read the summary inside the book

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