This book by retired Army Officer Brig John Gray is an intimate and vivid portrait of a fascinating life spent serving around the world during thirty-three years in the British Army. It is an absorbing account of a career from humble beginning at the end of the Second World War, through colourful and at times unique experiences, as he progressed up the army ladder.Along the way, we encounter many personalities, some hugely amusing and others not so. The chapters describe a career during those years when individuality was perhaps better tolerated than it is today, thus allowing a higher degree of original thought and initiative.It depicts a marvellously varied life, mostly serving alongside soldiers of other nations, often as a key figure in events that were vitally important at the time. He was responsible for the formation and review of defence forces around the world, often living in the countries concerned dealing with the complexities of foreign customs and politics. John also tells the story of being on active service in the jungles of Malaya, and also in Borneo and in Northern Ireland at the height of the ‘troubles’.This is a must-read book for anyone who was in the British Army during the immediate post-war years at the height of the cold war and the aftermath of Britain granting independence to many of its former colonies and protectorates. It will also appeal to anyone who wishes to know more about army life in those far-off days.
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