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The Robe

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This collector's edition is cleanly formatted for easy reading. 12 point Garamond, 1.15 spacing. Marcellus, a Roman soldier, ends up with the task of participating first hand in the crucifixion of Jesus. In order to numb himself from the reality of what he is doing, he gets drunk, gambles for and wins Christ's Robe. This is the story of where the Robe and his involvement in this event lead him. Through his eyes we experience the era and the full effect of Christ's crucifixion, bringing us to the heart of Christianity. The Robe is a timeless classic. It is a story filled with adventure, love, faith, spirituality and redemption. "This faith, is not like a deed to a house in which one may live with full rights of possession. It is more like a kit of tools with which a man may build himself a house. The tools will be worth just what he does with them. When he lays them down, they will have no value until he takes them up again." - Lloyd C. Douglas, The Robe

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