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The Ladybug Song: Isabel & Alma Trumbo Cozy Mystery Series, #3

268 pages3 hours


Phyllis Garner, the kooky and funny bag lady, refuses to accept her best friend Ladybug Miles’ death is an accidental drowning in the Cornet River. The blustery, know-it-all Sheriff Roscoe Fox has officially called it that way. However, Phyllis holds it was murder, plain and simple. No matter how much Sheriff Fox tries sway her thinking, she refuses to budge. So, she asks her retired friends Isabel and Alma Trumbo to do their crafty snooping in small town Quiet Anchorage, Virginia. Phyllis hopes they can root out the truth about what happened to Ladybug and bring her killer to justice. Phyllis’ devoted niece Sammi Jo also pitches in to assist the sisters, and the game is afoot. Isabel and Alma reach out for aid from the elderly but spry Three Musketeers warming their wooden bench in front of Main Street’s flower shop. The bonus for dog lovers comes when Isabel and Alma’s adorable, mischievous beagle Petey Samson plays a big role. The mystery plot takes a couple of surprising end twists before they can bring it to a satisfactory close. The Ladybug Song, the third book in the popular, well-received Isabel and Alma Trumbo Cozy Mystery Series, delivers the usual delightful small town setting, gentle humor, and good-hearted amateur lady sleuths who never say slow down or quit until it’s finished. Join Isabel and Alma when they set off on solving their latest mystery as amateur sleuths that is as fun and challenging for them as it is for the reader.

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