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This is what your Year 2050 could look like in Munich - A Vision of the Future

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The robot is upon us: The future is so near and yet so far. In this book we take a brief glimpse into the Munich of the future. Above all, technical development alone will ensure that city life will be different from today – Although we cannot yet fly to the supermarket the fundamental image of a city is radically changing. To give a brief insight into the year 2050, however, we must first travel back in time and understand developments that have so far taken place. What makes a city? We examine the central questions and give an indication of what is responsible for the development of a cityscape. We then immerse ourselves in the world of technical progress: a lot will change, particularly in the transport sector. Will we still be driving ourselves, or will be driven? Learn about the importance of artificial intelligence and imagine how robots will gradually play an increasing role in our lives. Ultimately everything will always be quite different from what we imagine anyway, but that still does not stop us dreaming.

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