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100+ Ways to Re-Purpose Your Content

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Why re-purpose your content? Why not just create more articles, more information… more? Well, there are several reasons. While it’s great to be able to come up with blog post after post, you might be missing the point of blogging and what the end goal really is. Exposure, audience, and virality. Income! That’s really the focus of blogging and developing content, aside from providing quality content. 

This book is going to help you re-repurpose your content in over 100 different ways, along with showing you where else you could be posting and sharing your content online. It's going to help you re-think how you blog and write your content. 

Here are some other ways that re-purposing helps:
•    Frees up your time
•    Lets you grow your business and stay in business
•    Show you’re an authority figure in the topic you’re covering
•    Easily create content upgrades, courses, books and income-generating streams
•    Gets your content you already have into the hands of more people
•    Revives older, evergreen content to improve website traffic
•    Reaches a wider audience
•    Reduces stress - no more having to come up with original content all the time 
•    SEO loves re-purposed material (same topic, same keyword, same source!)
•    Reinforces your message
•    Reaches new audiences
•    Lengthens your content’s lifespan
•    Boosts lead generation 
•    Helps you plan and write better (knowing you’ll need it for a multitude of projects)

Learn how to strategically re-purpose your material now when you buy this book. Start today! Coupon code available in book to get access to the Re-Purposing Checklist on

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