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Meg Lewis is a young nurse, living with her aunt in an upscale neighborhood of Rockford, Illinois. She married young, got pregnant, and was widowed within a year. At the opening of the story, her daughter, Becky, is six years old and prays every night for a new daddy.
Meg works at Rockford Memorial Hospital. A visitor, Brad Morrison, becomes obsessed with her. She finds out that he is a pathological liar. Brad begins following her, always at a safe distance. He follows her and Becky to the park and makes advances, which she quickly rebukes.
Meg and one of the doctors she works with, Curt Williams are attracted to each other and begin dating. Brad follows them and, in his sick mind, deems her an unfit mother for Becky. He abducts Becky during a snow storm and takes her to a cabin on one of the county roads.The police search but are hampered by the heavy storm.
Becky is running a high fever and has a sore throat. Brad is beside himself. He carries her toward a gas station to turn himself in and get help for the child. But in front of the station is a truck filled with cars headed for the crusher in Camden, where Brad's mother lives. He climbs onto one of the cars with Becky in his arms and closes the doors, putting Becky on the driver's side and fastening the seat belt around her. Meg and Curt are following close behind. They spot the truck and try to get the driver to stop, but he loses control and the bed of the truck flips over. Brad is thrown out and crushed by the vehicle. Curt climbs up the cars and rescues Becky. They take her to the hospital where she has a speedy recovery. In the end Meg and Curt are married and he legally adopts Becky. In her prayers that night, Becky thanks God for her new daddy.

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