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The Cuckold Watches: Sharing His Wife Saves His Marriage

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After ten years of marriage, a couple in their 40s were growing apart and drifting away from one another. With no kids due to the husband being infertile, they had no other way of resparking their faltering marriage together. After battling with erectile dysfunctions for some time now, the couple were officially at a crossroad.

After coming home from work one evening, the wife sat the husband down for the inevitable talk. To his surprise, she did not ask for separation, but instead, asked if it would be possible to see another man. After eventually granting her permission, she told him about a man she found on a website that hooks sexually active men up with sexually frustrated wives in order to better their lives and marriage.

After scheduling a date, the husband decides to tag along and drives her over to his apartment. From there, the man introduces himself as “Eric” and invites them in. Eric is tall, brawny and attractive.

Eric and the wife waste no time getting started as he starts by pleasing her in ways her husband never could. He brings her to the brink of exhaustion three times that evening, and while watching, the husband's own interest is rekindled in his wife.

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