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Entropicus 3: The Madness of Androids

442 pages6 hours


Abbott and Helen find themselves in an unlisted detention centre run by sadistic Homeland Security guards.
Alyssa, plagued with a terrible sickness that will claim her life by her early teens. Is healed by a mystery man who recruits for Diabolus.
Goman Worrall is kept under arrest because he refuses to let the Earthians have the last piece of the zero point energy jigsaw.
People around the world start dying of rapid ageing. Daniel Lynsey is on the trail to find out who or what is behind it.
Neurotech takes over Boston Cybertronics and tries to make robots around the world less efficient. Many androids refuse to comply, and this gives rise to a robot eligion. A super intelligent AI claims to
be God and works through his android prophet to organise the robots.
Both Soter and Diabolus work together to defeat the looming AI threat. But the AI God discovers this and threatens to bring down the Internet if the world's governments do not meet his demands.

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