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Mary’s Mail Order Husband: Montana Mail Order Brides, #4

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Mary Allen lost her husband at the tender age of twenty-two, and she doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life as a widow. But her aging father protests when she has the idea to get a mail-order husband. He wants Mary’s attention for himself. If she must remarry, he wants to arrange the marriage himself, with one of the sons of his friends, the way he did Mary’s first marriage. But Mary insists on marrying a man of her own choosing, a man new to the Frontier with the energy and enthusiasm to build a new life in the West. She and her father keep having the same argument about it, and they’ll probably keep arguing about it when he walks her down the aisle.
Mary only has a few days left before her groom comes to town and they meet at the altar. But Fate has other plans for Mary and her family. Mary finds herself facing a shattering reversal of her fortunes. At the same time, new and mysterious forces align to bring her the future of hope and promise she always dreamed of. When she does finally come to the altar, the life waiting for her on the other side opens up infinite horizons and unlimited potential.

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