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The Summer Princess

374 pages6 hours


This Cinderella-inspired story re-imagines the classic childhood fairy tale into the full scale adventure book it was always meant to be.
In a kingdom bound by curses, magic, secrets, and love, a simple shoe could change everything...a shoe that turned a servant into a princess and marked the owner for death.
Even as a servant, Lianna had a loving life. But that was all taken away the day she was forced to travel with the queen and her two daughters to Graystone Castle, home of the reclusive Cold King. The visiting royals are eager to secure a lucrative marriage to the wealthy king, with promises to free his kingdom from the curse it’s been imprisoned by. In her new home, Lianna quickly becomes overwhelmed by the cruelty of the queen who seems determined to break her spirit. When all seems at its darkest, Lianna is given the gift of one magic night.
Lianna is forced to make a decision that could condemn an entire kingdom and lose her very life. But if she dares to take a chance, she could find something even more powerful than magic or curses, true love.

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