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The Amber Top Hat: Isabel & Alma Trumbo Cozy Mystery Series, #4

268 pages3 hours


Quiet Anchorage, Virginia, is just like any other small town but with one notable difference: the dead bodies keep turning up. Fortunately, Sheriff Roscoe Fox, who never met a sugar-glazed doughnut served with coffee he didn’t like, can depend on the sisters sleuths Isabel and Alma Trumbo. This time tragedy strikes Blue Trent, one of the codgers affectionately known as the Three Musketeers who warm the wooden bench just outside the flower shop on Main Street. One summer morning, Blue’s nephew Ralph is discovered murdered while seated inside his taxicab, leaving Blue devastated. Alarmed about their old friend’s emotional state, Isabel and Alma put away their Scrabble board, grab their pocketbooks, and get busy doing what they do best: snooping. The clues have never been any scarcer, and they have their detective work cut out for them. Their spunky young assistant Sammi Jo also pitches in. The amber “top hat” sign mounted to the roof of Ralph’s taxicab just might hold the key to unlock the mystery of his murder. The fourth series title, The Amber Top Hat is a clean read and a traditional whodunit set in a charming small town. Join Isabel and Alma when they set off on solving their latest mystery as amateur sleuths that is as fun and challenging for them as it is for the reader.

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