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Shaydes of Shay

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Shaydes of Shay: Lavender Love. As a woman sits day dreaming, these things usually come to mind: love, relationships, spiritual walk, motherhood, & self-worth...which is why I chose these topics to write on. Walk with me and let's see where this path leads. Lavender Love is a poetic expression of my mental reflections that deal with love on a personal level. Allow me to give you front row seats to the thoughts that cross my mind.

Shaydes of Shay: Purple Onyx. They teach us to be a woman in the streets and a freak in the sheets. But when life deals you a hand that does not have a king, you learn to improvise.
Warning! You are about to enter a world of sexual desires containing explicit content. Caution! These erotic poems may cause arousal, discretion is advised!

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