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The Absolute Bastard

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Colton Carson is the most vexing man that Harli has ever met in her entire life. El es arrogante y imposible. He is a man hell bent on coming into her neighborhood and displacing her people for the sake of los pesos— el dinero— a buck.

The gorgeously blonde Texan with ocean green eyes and a throw-me-over-one-shoulder-caveman-beard is an absolute bastard.

He is the kind of man that a good Latina would never take home to meet her abuelita— grandmother.

He is ruthless and probably hasn't set foot in a church since birth, yet Harli cannot ignore the dangerous body chemistry that they share. Lo es muy caliente y puertorriqueno hot.

The beautiful blonde Boricua is tempted to touch Colton in all the wrong places, but her strict Catholic upbringing and strong religious conviction will not let her.

Each time Harli encounters the domineering, unreasonable man, she has to resist the urge to seduce him on the spot. Sleeping with the enemy never works. It is a catastrophe in the making so Harli's only solution is to sex-proof her heart and body against the one man that she desires the most.

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